The second phase of VULCOMP project started in April 2013

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The project VULCOMP phase2 is the result of the project under broader program vulnerability of composite structures labeled in 2005 by the cluster “Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems”.

The objective of this project is to better describe the behavior of damaged composite materials under extreme dynamic loads, with the associated mathematical laws. This phase is fully consistent with the overall objective VULCOMP to predict the energy absorption with a confidence level such that it will eventually get rid of expensive trials by the increased use of numerical simulation approach via the Virtual Structural Testing. Under extreme loading conditions, composite materials exhibit multiple degradation phenomena that can be very complex (interaction delamination / transverse cracking, fragmentation, friction phenomena during failure), the influence of rate effects being also a key point.

The partners involved in its implementation are complementary in terms of academic know-how (LMT, I2M, ICA), industrial (EADS IW, Holo3, Impetus) and EPIC (ONERA). They will bring together the best French expertise in conducting studies on the behavior of composites while providing the greatest benefits from national and regional design offices within cluster AESE.
The project is supported by ANR.