Correli STC, image correlation software

Main Features

A biaxial tensible test
A biaxial tensible test

The method allows to study without contact all kind of materials, strains of all kind of materials subjected on mechanical stress like shear, tensile, compressive or bending.

It provides the following key information either for static or dynamic tests:

  • displacement maps
  • the 3D geometry of part
  • the strain maps: the three terms of the in-plane strain tensor are provided
  • strain at any point on the surface by the introduction of virtual gauges
  • possible comparison with a finite element modeling
  • data export in any useful format

A simplified implementation

The test piece, that must analyze the displacement field, is first covered with a random pattern (white paint with a black random pattern on it). One or two cameras are set up to take pictures of the surface to be studied. When the part is subjected to a load, like mechanical stress or heat, image sequences are recorded. The images are then processed by CORRELISTC.

Very large applicability of software CorreliSTC

The image correlation software allows you to import images in many formats from digital cameras, high speed cameras ....

Sequences of several thousand of images can be processed, as well as images of very high resolution (20 megapixels). The size of the analyzed field depends only on the camera lens used, and can range from a few square millimeters to a few square meters.

Mastering the measurement uncertainty

Particular attention was paid to the control of the quality of the measurement. A specific software function was developed for this purpose. It ensures the measurement uncertainty either in terms of displacement or in terms of strain.