• ICS


    A ball was inserted into an elastomer. Under the effect of tension , the ball creates local strains. This test was performed at ICS.
  • Messier-Bugatti-Dowty


    A comparison test of real / virtual gauges has been made in the case of a composite structure of the landing gear. This structure is subjected to a tensile traction / compression with several cycles. Strains generated during this test are low, always remaining below 1000 μdef. The figure shows the mapping of displacements along the y-axis measured during compression. On this picture, there is a virtual gauge (green) positioned on a mechanical gauge glued first and three target tracking. These targets are used to define the change of reference between the measurement and that of the room (which can be for example the CAD reference). The software CORRELISTC allows to express the measured and derived data processing in this reference.
  • Kaysersberg

    Plastic and cardboard containers were positioned under a press in order to measure the displacements and deformations caused by the accumulation of containers. The video shows the displacements measured in the direction of application of the press.
  • Mark IV

    Mark IV

    This test focuses on the study of the strength of a plastic pipe under pressure. The maps show the displacements and deformations measured. We can observe a positive and negative strain on the surface of the object. Source : SOGEFI Air & Cooling (formerly MARK IV Company).
  • Eurocopter


    It is a study on a test tube possessing different layers, submitted to tensible stress up to break. On the Exy strain map, we see the three layers.
  • EPFL Lausanne

    This test shows a timber specimen with a notch made in the central portion. During the tensible test, the part breaks and the software CorreliSTC still continues to measure the displacements of the two portions of the specimen Source : IBOIS / EPFL Lausanne.