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Correli STC

Digital image correlation which revolutionizing the domain of mechanical tests

Developed under a license from LMT Cachan (1) and meeting the demanding requirement of the aeronautics sector (specifications defined by Airbus Group Innovations (2)), the image correlation software CORRELI STC drastically reduces the time usually spent to setup a mechanical test and at the same time gives a large amount of useful data.

The image correlation software, which maps a displacement field on the surface of a mechanical part, saves the time of gluing strain gauges. The software allows also to process accurately highly complex tests (multi-directional loading, measurement on real parts ..).

(1) :http://www.lmt.ens-cachan.fr/Laboratory of Mechanics and Technology of ENS Cachan 
(2) : Airbus Group Innovations

Correli STC, image correlation software


The image correlation method allows to study on precise ways and without contact, the displacement field on the surface of all kind of materials.



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